About Us

The DOGPWND is owned & operated by a group of dog-lovers, who are also dedicated parents to their own dogs.

We understand what it’s like to be proud doggy parents, and to want to be the best parents possible for our furbabies. We also understand how much information is available on the internet, and how overwhelming it can be to look for clear, direct answers to some common questions regarding our dogs.

Our primary goal in operating this website is to provide simple, reliable information about your dogs’ health & well-being. Our secondary goals include making the DOGPWND a fun, safe space for sharing other information about dogs, including breed-specific information, tips and reviews on toys, accessories & grooming¬† products for those beloved furry members of your family. We welcome & encourage your participation (questions, suggestions) in the discussion, by way of leaving comments on any of our articles. If you want to contact us privately, you may do so by clicking¬†here.

Important note: the DOGPWND is not owned or operated by veterinarians, or anyone with any veterinary training. While we do make every effort to do diligent research for our articles and verify all information posted herein, there is no substitute for professional veterinary advice. If you have noticed any troublesome symptoms in your dog, or have any doubts regarding his/her health, please seek help from a local veterinarian immediately.