Best Dog Toothbrush – Our Top 7 Picks

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Brushing your dog’s teeth can be a challenging task if your dog doesn’t cooperate, but you can make the task simpler by choosing the best toothbrush out there – one that will get the job done well and will be fairly easy to use. Read on to see our top 7 picks for best dog toothbrushes out there!

Clean dog teeth

Clean dog teeth; Pixabay

Why Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

Just like human teeth, dogs’ teeth get dirty with build up of plaque and tartar, too. Your dog’s teeth may take a beating from eating dry dog food daily and chewing on toys, so he needs regular teeth brushing as part of his grooming regimen. To avoid painful tooth & gum disease, we recommend brushing his teeth at least once a week.

What Makes A Good Toothbrush?

Bristles should be soft, they’re the most comfortable type to use and have less chance of damaging the gums. Especially for a dog’s first time getting his teeth brushed, or for nervous or fidgety type dogs, soft bristles will ease them into the process.

Length of the toothbrush handle should be appropriate for your dog, this depends on your dog’s size and his muzzle. Larger dogs and those with long, narrow muzzles will benefit from appropriately longer toothbrushes, the better to get those hard-to-reach teeth at the back without having to put your hand too far into his mouth.

Type – the DOGPWND recommends double-ended toothbrushes for most dogs. One end has a smaller brush with fewer bristles, which works best on the thinner, easier-to-reach teeth in the front (incisors). The other end has a larger brush with more bristles, which will get those hard-to-reach teeth in the back (molars).

The other type of useful toothbrush available in the market is the finger-type toothbrush. They’re made of rubber with soft, wide protrusions that act as “bristles” and they fit on the owner’s finger. They’re gentler on the dog’s teeth and massage the gums, so this works best for dogs that may have sensitive teeth due to a heavy build-up of tartar or those that are especially skittish about having their teeth brushed.

Our Top 7 Picks

TenTen Labs Dog Toothbrush Set (Double-Ended): pack of 2 toothbrushes, durable & made in the USA, with a long handle for easy use; $4.59/pack


ProDental Dual-End Toothbrushes – 50 Pack: great value for the price, each toothbrush has a head on each end, with soft bristles; $29.99/pack


Next Level Pet Premium Triple Toothbrush Value Pack: comes with a dual-end toothbrush with an ergonomic handle + 2 finger-type brushes (1 with silicone bristles, 1 with nylon bristles), also comes with a toothpaste recipe guide for making your own dog toothpaste; $11.97/pack


Pet Republique Cat & Dog Finger Toothbrush (Disposable): set of 6 brushes, each lasting 2-3 months, made from food-grade materials approved by the FDA, recommended size: small for most people, Pet Republique also donates 15% of all profits to the American Animal Rescue Society; $7.59/pack


Waggletooth Dog Toothbrush (Re-useable)best for medium or large dogs, finger-type toothbrush with soft silicone bristles on all surfaces, made from bite-resistant material; $12.95/pack


Petosan Cesar Millan Microfiber Oral Cleaner: antimicrobial, chemical-free, self-cleaning microfiber fabric sleeve, an alternative to toothbrushes for small dogs who don’t like brushes; $25.99/pack (4 pieces)


Nylabone Advanced Dental Care Kit For Puppies: specially designed for puppies, smaller size brush, comes with a toothbrush, a finger brush and toothpaste; $5.52/pack

Other Tips

  • No, it’s not ok to use your old toothbrush on your dog. There’s a reason that toothbrush has been discarded.
  • Each dog in your house should have his own toothbrush, and they should be visually different from each other, or have labels on them.
  • Store the toothbrush in a dry place after use, to prevent build-up of bacteria on the toothbrush.
  • Replace the toothbrush at least once every 3 months or when the bristles get frayed, whichever comes first.

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