9 Popular Dog Haircuts

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Your dog will need regular grooming of his coat to keep him clean and healthy, usually once every 1-3 months. Getting the same haircut time after time can quickly get tedious, and you might be looking for something new – a haircut for your dog that matches your own mood. Perhaps something more adventurous or more daring or even more cutesy for your dog?

Dog haircut; from Pixabay

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some great ideas for your dog’s next haircut, along with some guidelines on when to keep your dog’s coat short and when to leave it long!

Important note: the DOGPWND does not recommend you attempt to do these haircuts at home; for your dog’s safety, always get a professional to do his grooming.

Long or short haircut?

Here are some things to consider when deciding if you want to keep your dog’s coat short (more frequent grooming) or leave it on the long side (less frequent grooming and longer types of haircut styles).

Short coat

  • You have a limited amount of time for daily brushing of your dog’s coat
  • Your dog has a skin condition that will benefit from his coat being kept short and clean(er)
  • The weather is warm – a short coat will make it easier for heat to dissipate from his body
  • Your house/yard has a lot of dirt or leaves that will stick to his coat and be dragged indoors

Long coat

  • You have enough time (10 minutes or more) and/or enjoy daily brushing of your dog’s coat
  • Your dog has healthy skin (no dandruff, ticks/fleas, rashes, cuts or other conditions) and enjoys having a long coat (tip: most dogs enjoy having long-ish coats)
  • The weather is cold – a long coat will be added insulation for your dog from the cold
  • Your house/yard is free of dirt or leaves that may stick to your dog’s coat

7 popular dog haircuts

1. The Cocker Cut

Cocker cut; By patti, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

The Cocker cut is achieved by cutting the body hair short and leaving more hair on the legs and the skirt (area around the butt). The face & head hair is cut short, leaving more hair at the ends of the ears.


2. The Kennel Cut

Kennel cut; from PetGrooming

The Kennel cut is one length set for the body and legs (either short or medium-length), but the face and feet are kept clean, often with a topknot (see below for topknot).


3. The Lamb Cut

Lamb cut; from thiswaycome

To achieve the Lamb cut, hair on the body, face and head are cut to the desired length (short or medium), while the hair on the legs are left longer and blended into the hair on the body.

4. The Lion Cut

Lion cut, Golden Retriever; from funnydogsite

For the Lion cut, hair on the body, tail and legs are cut short, while the hair on the neck and head are left much longer in order to resemble a lion’s mane. Some hair is also left at the end of the tail, but the face is kept clean.

5. The Poodle Cut

Poodle cut; By InbalsigalOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link

The Poodle cut is a mix of the Kennel cut and the Lion cut – the hair on the body and legs is cut to the desired length (short or medium), with more hair left on the neck and head. The face and the feet are kept clean.


6. The Puppy Cut

Puppy cut, Maltese; By en:User:Anyquestionsen:Image:Maltese.jpg, Public Domain, Link

To achieve the Puppy cut, hair all over is cut to the desired length (usually 2 inches long), and the hair is fluffed out with a comb to achieve some volume. This is a good low-maintenance cut for all dogs (of any age!)

7. The Schnauzer Cut

Schnauzer cut; from ink361

For the Schnauzer cut, the hair cut short on the body, with longer hair left on the lower legs and the skirt (area around the butt). The hair is left thicker on the snout and on the eyebrows, while the rest of the face hair is kept short.

8. The Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy bear cut; from zooearth

The Teddy Bear cut is a variant of the Lion cut – the hair on the body and legs is cut uniformly short, while the hair on the head and face is left longer (as opposed to a clean face with the Lion cut).


9. The Topknot

Topknot; from PetGrooming

A Topknot is when extra hair is left on the crown of the head, usually long enough to allow a ponytail. The rest of the hair can be cut to any uniform length (short or medium). This style can also be combined with any of the other cuts mentioned above.

That sums up our list of 9 common haircuts for dogs! Please keep in mind that the Poodle cut is not only for Poodles, the Schnauzer is not necessarily only for Schnauzers, and the Puppy cut is definitely not only for puppies! Be adventurous with your dog, and please do let us know in the comments if you’ve tried one of the hairstyles and how you & your dog liked it! 😉

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