Toys To Keep Your Dog Busy – Our Top 7 Picks

Is your dog very active throughout the day? Maybe he bugs you or the other pets to play all the time? Or maybe you’re out of the house a lot and are looking for a way to keep your dog busy while you’re gone? Fear not, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog toys to channel all his energy into until it’s nap time once again.

Most of these dog toys will have some form of challenge and then a reward. The reward will keep your dog coming back for more, and the challenge is what will keep him busy. Alright, let’s start our list!

The Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

The Tricky Treat Ball is made of vinyl and has a single hole in it, which is where you put in treats or kibble, and it’s also where treats fall out from as your dog plays with it. He’ll be playing with it for hours, hoping for more treats to fall out of the ball!

The ball comes in various sizes, the hole being about the size of a quarter on the large-sized ball, so make sure to pick the right size for your dog and for the treats!


Kong Classic Dog Toy

The Kong Classic is a very popular option among dog owners. It’s made of a durable rubber with a hole at the bottom where you put in the treats. The treats will fall out easily, so once your dog learns how to get all the treats out, you can increase the challenge by mixing wet and dry treats inside, and freezing it to prolong your dog’s play time. They’re dishwasher-safe and come in many different sizes, so make sure to pick the right size for your dog!

Other, more challenging options from Kong include the Kong Genius, which has an X-shaped hole so the treats fall out one at a time, and the Kong Wobbler, which wobbles more than the Classic one.


PetSafe Busy Buddy Waggle Dog Toy

The Waggle is barbell-shaped with holes on the sides to put treats into, which fall out when your dog grabs the middle and shakes it. The holes have “teeth” around them to make it more difficult to get at the treats. You can leave the “teeth” on, cut out a few, or cut them all out depending on the level of difficulty you desire for your dog. They’re made of durable rubber and are dishwasher-safe. PetSafe also makes a few other toys with the same concept.

Jolly Pets Monster Mouth Dog Toy

The Monster Mouth is football-shaped and made of a durable rubber. It has “teeth” at the opening to make it more challenging for your dog to reach the treats inside. There are also two compartments inside so you can put two different kinds of treats. This is sure to become a favorite toy of your dog!

The irregular shape will make for unpredictable bouncing, adding to the fun. It’s also vanilla-scented to keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh.


PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal-Dispensing Dog Toy

The Tug-A-Jug has a bottom that can be unscrewed, to put in the treats or kibble, and a narrow hole at the top with rope sticking out of it. Each time your dog pulls on the rope, some treats are dragged out with it.

Your dog is sure to have some crazy fun banging this toy around! The bottle is made of a durable, non-toxic plastic; the rope however will have to be replaced occasionally.


Nita Ottosson Dog Casino Interactive Game

The Dog Casino is one of many interactive pet puzzles made by Nita Ottosson, more challenging than the other toys on this list, no doubt. The Dog Casino has drawers on the side that your dog has to slide out with its paw to get the treats inside. An added layer of difficulty are the blue bones on the top, which act as “locks” for the drawers. This toy will require some quality time with your dog, training him to learn how to play with it. We suggest putting some peanut butter on the underside of the drawer handles until he learns to slide the drawer open, and adding the bone “locks” later on. Check out the video below for a demonstration, and some other interactive puzzles from the maker.

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is a way to see, hear and interact with your dog while you’re out of the house, via an app on your phone. It comes with a 1080p HD camera with night vision so you can see what your dog is up to & get real-time alerts about his movements, 2-way audio so you can hear your dog and he can hear you, and you can toss him treats via the app!

This “toy” is rather more expensive than the other ones on our list, but hey, we can all dream, can’t we?

Which One Is Best For Your Dog?

If your dog is smart and likes a challenge, the Dog Casino might be a good choice for him. If your dog has a lot of extra energy and you wanna tire him out, the Tug-A-Jug could be the right choice. You know your dog best, so just ask yourself what he would enjoy and you’ll have your answer. 🙂

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